What Phase 2 Means For Finding A Flat

What Phase 2 Means For Finding A Flat

Following the First Minister’s announcement on the 18th of June regarding Scotland’s transition to Phase 2 of the lockdown exit strategy, we felt it necessary to share some suggestions for securing a flat this year, given the exceptional circumstances and the permittance to move homes as of the 29th of June.


Don’t leave it too late – It is less likely that properties will be available for September


The majority of our student tenants usually leave Edinburgh in May. Therefore, our student properties usually become available in early June and it is common for agreements to start around this time. However, the recent disruption this year has resulted in properties coming on the market sooner meaning it is unlikely that they will become available with a September entry date. The same is true for most of Edinburgh’s rental market.

We are currently experiencing a surge in property interest, so if you are hoping to secure a property for September please consider an earlier month to avoid missing out. Once they’re gone, they’re gone - so, if you do find a property you like please act quickly and submit a note of interest. Click here to discover our latest properties on the market.


How will Cullen Property facilitate my new tenancy?


Detailed plans are in place at Cullen Property to allow you to view, apply for and move into your property safely and conveniently.

Viewing properties – We frequently send pre-recorded virtual viewings that fit your chosen criteria straight to your inbox to save you time and hassle searching for properties and requesting viewings.

Applying for properties – Our whole application process is digital, meaning that you, your flatmates and guarantors can send necessary documents and information to us without visiting the office in person.

Collecting your keys - Once you have secured a property with us, our team will be in touch to organise a timeslot for your keys to be collected in a socially distanced way from our office.

Virtual ‘check ins’ -  You will have the option to book a virtual ‘check in’ with us where you can ask any questions you may have regarding the property, bills, council tax and your digital inventory.


If you wish to revise your preferred month of entry on the student property waiting list, please do so here https://cullenproperty.com/hmo-student-property-waiting-list/.


We look forward to welcoming our student tenants back to Edinburgh soon.


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