We are Sleeping in the Park!

We are Sleeping in the Park!

(From left to right; Hannah McConnachie, Ben Hartman, Penny Mackenzie, Euan Rodgers, Elaine Noble, Louise Orr and Malcolm Warrack.)


This year seven members of the Cullen Property team are taking part in Social Bite’s ‘Sleep in the Park' on the 9th December to raise funds and awareness to help eradicate homelessness in Scotland. Last year our Managing Director Malcolm Warrack took part in Social Bite’s ‘CEO Sleepout’, and we managed to raise a significant amount of donations which went towards providing housing for the homeless by building a village in Granton. This year we hope to raise even more, so we have decided to match any donations up to our target of £4,200!

Managing Director Malcolm Warrack chats to us about Cullen Property's involvement with Social Bite and Sleep in the Park;

Why Social Bite?

‘We have been providing homes across Edinburgh for tenants since 1998. Being in the business of property letting and management we are constantly aware of the affordability of property for tenants and never more so for those without employment.

We value the inspirational work Social Bite has achieved in Scotland. Josh Littlejohn has created an enterprise which has approached the needs of the homeless, creating a structure which the vulnerable in Scotland can now rely on. We understand the importance of having somewhere to call home.’

What is the fund-raising target?

‘We hope with the help of many friends, family, clients and others that we will raise in excess of £4,200. This year we have decided to match any donations up to our target of £4,200. For example, if you decide to donate £50, we will match your donation and donate £50 from Cullen Property Ltd.’

Are you all looking forward to sleeping in Edinburgh’s Princes Street gardens?

‘We are all very fortunate that we are choosing to sleep outside on a cold December’s night - many do not have that choice and have to sleep out every night. Joining the World’s largest sleepout will be a great atmosphere, joined by Josh Littlejohn, Bob Geldof, Noel Gallagher, Amy Macdonald, John Cleese, Deacon Blue, Frightened Rabbit, Rob Brydon to mention a few. The experience is worth doing and the cause fully justifying any discomfort we may share for the few hours we are outside.’


‘Josh Littlejohn has created an extraordinary enterprise in Social Bite and in supporting his activities we feel honoured to have had so much support both financial and words of encouragement from many friends both personal and through our work at Cullen Property. If you would like to know more about Social Bite’s Social Business please visit their website.’

We appreciate your support and any contributions towards this excellent cause. You can donate through our Virgin Money Giving page. 

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