6 Helpful tips for an international student in Edinburgh

6 Helpful tips for an international student in Edinburgh

A guest blog piece by Amberstudent , that provides information surrounding the common difficulties an international student in Edinburgh may face when moving and how to tackle them.

Home to several excellent
universities, stunning landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, Scotland is a
great place to call home and pursue a degree abroad. So, if you have been
accepted to study in Edinburgh, then Kudos- exciting times ahead!

With that said you might feel excited, spellbound and a bit anxious regarding your visit, which is entirely expected! Apart from experiencing “Culture shock” there are many other issues that an international student in Edinburgh could face.

But don’t worry, we have identified and jotted down the common problems which international students in Edinburgh could face while finding student accommodation and how to tackle them.


One of the most common
problems that might cross your path while searching for student accommodation in Scotland is being tricked into renting out
a fake or already rented out property on websites such as Gumtree.

With a considerable number
of students looking out for affordable
housing options
every year, seasonal rental frauds are on the rise.

With fraudsters being
exceptionally good at their job, how can you get past a perfectly executed scam?


  • Appearance
    can be delusive- Before deciding on anything, always remember to check the
    property in person.
  • If staying
    for a short amount of time, always let through reputable short-term letting
    that quality vet
    properties so you don’t have to. 
  • If staying
    in Edinburgh for longer than one semester, always rent through reputable local
    agencies such as Cullen
    , who specialise in HMO
    property lettings for students and professionals.
  • Always
    check out the documents thoroughly to know that tenure of the property is legal
    and genuine.
  • Keep a
    track on your tenancy deposits and advance payments.


Living and studying in a
foreign country won’t all be easy.

And if you are leaving your
home and starting an independent life for the first time, be ready to take your
personal finances seriously!


  • As soon as
    you are accepted as a UK student, apply for an NUS card/ TOTUM card right away,
    to make the most of the student discounts Edinburgh has to offer
  • Install a high-quality
    money management app, such as Goodbudget, Monzo or Mint. Many also specialise
    in international monetary exchange.
  • Take up a
    part-time job to earn spending money so you can make the most of your time in


Home to some of the most famous universities, one could find themselves overwhelmed with short-term accommodation choices, however, finding the perfect student accommodation which would fit all your requirements, as well as your budget, can be a task.


  • Prepare an
    accommodation budget.
  • List down
    all the requirements that you need in your accommodation.
  • Search and
    compare the rent on various websites.

To save yourself some trouble, you can contact
Amberstudent for customised and pocket-friendly short-term
student accommodation options in Edinburgh


Nearly every international student in Edinburgh is well-versed in English; however, getting a hold of the Scottish accent and humour is where the real fun begins!

This often discourages most of the international students
from engaging in conversations or speaking up in public.


  • Take up
    language classes. It will not only help you learn the accent but will also help
    you make new friends.
  • Check out online
    language apps like Duolingo, Learn Languages, etc.
  • Watch accent
    classes on Youtube.
  • Attend a
    Scottish comedy show
  • Above all,
    talk to your classmates, roommates and the general public – you will find them
    to be a friendly bunch.


Finding a perfect roommate is always either a hit or a
miss. While some properties do provide an option to choose roommates according
to your preference, some properties are not that flexible. So, you never know
who your roommate might be and how you’ll get along in short-term private
student accomodation.


  • Start with
    an initial self-introduction session. Get to know your roommates little by
  • Try to
    have an open chat with them, make night out plans, discuss each other’s
    boundaries and house rules.
  • Try to
    solve problems maturely as they arise.
  • If all
    else fails, ask your property manager to assist.

Cullen property students in Edinburgh


Finding a peaceful and convenient property is often a
requirement for many international students and if you can find one that fits
both requirements, then you have hit the jackpot!

But if you do find yourself facing problems relating to
the property or neighbourhood, try out these solutions:


  • If possible, try discussing the issues with the concerned party (Eg- if you are facing a problem due to noisy neighbours try talking about the problem with them in a calm and mature manner)
  • Talk to your property manager.
  • Report the matter to your letting agent or the police if issues persist.

So here you have it- our list of helpful tips for an international student in Edinburgh.

We hope you have the time of your life on your semester abroad!

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