5 must-haves for decorating a student flat in Edinburgh

5 must-haves for decorating a student flat in Edinburgh

You’ve viewed, submitted your note of interest, placed your deposit and have secured your student flat in Edinburgh for next semester… but now what?

We understand the budget constraints of students and how to get the most out of your student flat in Edinburgh. This is why we recommend you take a trip down to IKEA to pick up these 5 must-haves to decorate and make the most of your new living space!

Student digs don’t have to be just a place to sleep, they can also be a tranquil and homely environment to seek refuge after a long day at the library or when simply having a well-deserved night in. With these 5 cost-effective and simple purchases we hope you can achieve just that. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on an x37 bus in the city centre to IKEA and pick up these essentials!

Table lamp with wi-fi speaker

Tight on space and a fan of music? Check out this all-in-one lamp and wi-fi speaker that has been designed by Sonos. Not only can you save space by reducing the usual two items to one, but you can also listen to your favourite music!


Vertical in-wardrobe storage

Being storage-conscious when looking for a flat is now a thing of the past with these amazing vertical storage hangers. Hang one up or many and save oodles of space when storing shoes, shirts, jeans, socks, underwear or anything you can think of! The best thing is, it’s only £7!F


Artificial potted plant

We all like to think we’re green-thumbed, but we all secretly know it’s a lot of work maintaining a plant and often find ourselves buying real plants for them to die a few weeks later - especially as a busy student who spends most of their time in the library. So, go on, brighten up your living space. It’s only £3!


3 port USB charger

We all know the feeling… you’re in bed, trying to charge multiple devices at the same time, but struggle to find plug sockets to accommodate. This is a brilliant 3 port USB charger that plugs right in at the wall and will save you a lot of hassle with extension cables which can be a fire hazard. Better yet, it’s only £8!


iPad stand

When you’re a student there is a limited need for a tv. Not only does ditching the TV save space and reduce your electricity bill, but it also cuts the need for a tv license and extra furniture to sit it on. With this iPad stand, you can place your phone or iPad next to your bed or anywhere you want to watch Netflix, amazon prime or other streaming services in your Student flat in Edinburghfor only £12!


So there you have it - decorating your new flat doesn’t have to break the bank! The total value for these items is £180 or only £30 if you choose not to splurge on the Wi-Fi speaker/lamp.

We hope any new or existing Cullen Property tenants have a great time in their student flat in Edinburgh and we wish you all the best!

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