Scottish house prices at their highest in eleven years

Scottish house prices at their highest in eleven years

I was interested to read this Property Wire article on Scottish property prices being the highest since quarterly house price statistics records began in 2003. The article throws up several points worth commenting on - firstly, that such healthy capital growth is a good thing as it shows that the economy is growing, and that confidence in that economy is strong. Secondly, it shows a lack of supply in the housing market, which is a key driver in pushing house prices up. Thirdly, and this is the good news for our investors, it also means the rental market is solid and safe. I hear from investors all the time who say ‘If only I’d bought five years ago’ or ‘I wish I’d never sold that flat when I did’. On the flipside, I have never heard any property owner say ‘I wish I’d never bought that flat ten years ago’. So, our message to investors would be to act sooner rather than later if you’re considering investing in Scottish property.

(Steve Coyle, Cullen Property operations director)



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