Mental and Physical Health During Lockdown

Mental and Physical Health During Lockdown

In what can only be described as a time of great uncertainty, our team have banded together to share how they have been maintaining their mental and physical health during life in lockdown.

Here's what our team have been up to:


Scott Binnie – Marketing Manager

“For the time being, I have turned off ALL news notifications on my phone. It feels like every hour or so I am notified of breaking news articles. Of course, staying informed is crucial but by turning off notifications I can now control when and how I see the news which I’ve found has helped me reduce stress. To stay physically well I have been spending my daily exercise participating in Held in our Hearts ‘A K A Day’ challenge. I think it’s important to get fresh air and important to continue supporting our chosen charity despite lockdown.”


Martyna Jablonska – Property Manager

“Apart from painting during my spare time, I go for a walk early in the morning to start my day with some fresh air and exercise before sitting down in my home office to spend the day working from home. I also love to post short videos of what is going on in my neighbourhood on social media to make people smile – I find light-hearted humour important to get us through what is a really tough time for many.”


Emma Naylor – Property Maintenance Coordinator

“I tend to enjoy my time at home, so I think I’ve had less adapting than others. Ask me again in a week and that will probably be an entirely different story! What I do miss is the usual work chatter around me, so I’ve been listening to audiobooks and podcasts which I’ve found a second-best alternative.”


Darren Lindsay – Client Accounts Manager

“Before life in lockdown, cycling, going to the gym and attending gigs took up a lot of my spare time. Thankfully, I can still go cycling, but the gym remains closed. I’ve been attending livestreamed gigs of my favourite artists which has allowed me to enjoy safely and from the comfort of my own home.”


Ali Harding – Contracts Manager

“I’ve been trying to find the silver lining within all that’s happening to keep me positive. For me, it’s  being grateful for the amount of time I can now spend with my dog while working from home. As well as that, coffee keeps me productive and music keeps me calm.”


Mhairi-Clare Galletta – New Business Executive

“Listening to music, preferably of the happy variety, is really getting me through my time in the flat! I always enjoyed music on in the background in the office as it helps me concentrate. By doing the same at home, it makes me feel like there is still a sense of normality with the new working arrangements!”


Dawn Pianosi – Head of Property Management

“What’s been really important to me is unplugging from the news and social media in the evenings. The constant headlines can be a bit overwhelming at times. In the evenings I love to unwind in bubble-gum for the brain type novels. Got to love some escapism when real life becomes a disaster movie!”


Kamila Zielinski – Client Accounts Manager

“I love to go on lunchtime runs with my black Labrador, Nera! It really helps break up the day and allows us to get some fresh air. With the restriction on the amount of times you can leave the house during lockdown, I think it’s important to hit two birds with one stone by combining the dog walk and daily exercise.”


Jennifer Ogilvie – Property Manager

“Making the most of the daily exercise allowance is really important to me. I tend to start the day with a run or a walk (totally depends on how I feel that morning!) to get some fresh air which is helping me. With us working from home, I find it extremely important to have a separate workspace so I can continue having a worklife balance despite not being in the office.”



We hope everyone is staying safe and well during these times. We’re no mental and physical health experts, but we’ve certainly found our approaches to help us individually. For any advice regarding mental and physical health please refer to our Coronavirus Guidance Page, which is full of helpful links to expert websites such as the NHS.


First Psychology Scotland has announced a series of free webinars to assist those struggling with their mental health during the pandemic. Learn more here.


The Cullen Property Team

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