Keep your flat safe this summer

Keep your flat safe this summer

 How to holiday-proof your home

Summer is a peak season for burglaries* and with the end of term approaching, many of our tenants go home for the summer, go travelling, or simply go on holiday for a couple of weeks.

Steve Coyle, Operations Director at Cullen Property, says: “As most of Edinburgh’s student population get ready to leave town for the summer, this can mean that burglars may try and take advantage of the empty properties.

“By taking the time before you leave to safeguard your home, you can help make your home safer and prevent any nasty surprises when you return.”

Here we have outlined top tips to keep your flat safe whilst you’re away:

1. Lock up properly

It may sound obvious, but make sure all doors are fully locked. Use both Yale and Mortice locks wherever possible as this makes it even harder for burglars to enter your flat, and never leave keys out in obvious places for friends or flatmates, such as under the doormat!

2. Safeguard your valuables

Consider taking jewellery, laptops, cameras and anything else of significant value with you. If that’s not practical then there are safety deposit boxes located around the city that offer small and large storage space.

3. Secure your windows and doors

Ensure all of the property’s windows are properly locked.

4. Switch the lights on

Put one or two lamps on a timer to make the flat appear inhabited whilst you are away. Programme the timers for times when you would normally be home, such as evenings.

5. Switch appliances off

Disconnect any electric plugs that won’t be needed while you’re away. This cuts your electricity bill and minimises the risk of a fire developing.

6. Tell someone you trust

Ask your landlord, neighbour, or friend to keep an eye on the property whilst you are away. You could also leave them a key (without your address attached to it) for emergencies.

6. Don’t tell everyone

Who can see your social media profile? An announcement to say that you are off on holiday may be just what the burglars have been waiting for. Unless your page is private, keep your absence quiet.

*According to a survey by Money Supermarket. Click here for more information.

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