Inspections and Access

Throughout your tenancy with Cullen Property there will be property inspections with your appointed Property Manager. These visits are an opportunity for us to assess the condition of each property and to make sure there are no outstanding maintenance issues.

They will take place quarterly, lasting approximately 20 to 25 minutes. You will be notified of these visits several days prior, giving you time to prepare for your property inspection. It is not our intention to be intrusive and your co-operation would be much appreciated. Please make sure your property is presentable for our visit. If you have any issues with your property or anything you would like to discuss with us, then these visits are ideal opportunities for you to raise any concerns.

After each inspection, you will receive an email from your Property Manager highlighting any concerns or repairs which we may have noticed. These inspections help keep your home to a Cullen Property standard and contributes towards what is expected from us to receive your full deposit back. If the suggested date for your property inspection is inconvenient, please highlight this to your Property Manager as soon as possible and we can reschedule to a suitable time.

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