Free Mental Health Webinars - First Psychology Scotland

Free Mental Health Webinars - First Psychology Scotland

First Psychology Scotland (FPS) is launching a series of Free mental health webinars to help Scots de-stress and relax during lockdown. In addition, the mental health service provider, with seven centres throughout Scotland is offering a free downloadable online Coronavirus Toolkit to help people cope with the stresses and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Starting on Friday, 17 April 2020, the organisation’s team of experienced psychologists and counsellors will present weekly 30-minute webinars offering advice and techniques to help improve mental health and wellbeing.

First Psychology Clinical Director, Professor Ewan Gillon, said: “We’re all currently living through an unprecedented, unfamiliar situation, and this uncertainty takes its toll on every single one of us, families and individuals alike.

“With our webinars we are offering tools and advice on how to cope with being ‘stuck’ at home, worrying about the future or the immediate danger of contracting Covid-19. They are accessible free to anyone who feels they may benefit; all you need to do is register via the First Psychology Facebook page.”

The initial webinar session focusses on simple, easy to implement techniques to help de-stress and relax. Other webinars in this series will cover conflict resolution within a household as well as how to help children and young people through this period.

First Psychology will also tackle the topic of how to emerge from the lockdown and what life after the coronavirus may feel like.

For anyone looking for more in-depth advice, First Psychology is providing a specially compiled FREE OF CHARGE ‘Corona Toolkit’, downloadable from the organisation’s website. The toolkit is packed with easy to follow coping strategies and also covers advice on what to avoid to stay calm.

Professor Ewan Gillon said: “In uncertain times looking after your mental health is more important than ever. Depression, anxiety, stress and OCD were already steadily on the increase. Covid-19 is accelerating these issues for a lot of people at an alarming rate.”

In an effort to remain accessible First Psychology Scotland also launched earlier this month, providing a comprehensive online and phoned-based counselling and therapy service. The service allows its clients to access one-to-one sessions with nearly 50 trained psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors from anywhere in the world.


To download the 'Corona Toolkit' click here

Sign up to the free mental health webinars click here

To visit First Psychology Scotland's website click here

To read of how our team are maintaining mental and  physical health during lockdown and working from here click here


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