Emergency Contacts

Who to Contact in an Emergency

If you are experiencing an emergency with your property, such as a gas or a water leak please give us a call immediately on 0131 221 1818. When our office is closed, please contact our emergency out of hours contractors directly on the numbers below:

If you smell gas or your Carbon Monoxide detector sounds continuously please call Scottish Gas Network (SGN) immediately

Scottish Gas Network – 0800 111 999

Please check the pressure on your boiler is topped up and sits between 1.5 and 2 and that there is power going to the boiler. Information on how to do this can be found on google and via YouTube. If the issue remains after this please call our emergency engineer who will arrange for an engineer to attend. Please note that while an engineer will be able to attend and attempt to resolve during their initial visit, there may be a delay in obtaining parts depending on when the call-out occurs e.g. weekends or extended holiday periods.

Owen Gibb – 07738 006781

If you have an uncontrollable leak, please turn off your water supply with your stop cock. Information on where to locate your stop cock can be located on your original inventory. If the leak remains uncontrollable please call our emergency plumber who will be able to assist. If you have a blocked toilet, drain or sink, please attempt to remove the blockage yourself in the first instance. If this is unsuccessful and it is your only facility of this nature, please contact our emergency plumber. Otherwise, please report via the online reporting system on our website where we will arrange for a plumber to attend when our office reopens.

Owen Gibb – 07738 006781

If you have a total power outage, please check your fuse board and make sure no fuse has tripped the system. Please also check with Scottish Power and your neighboring properties to ascertain if it is a full outage in the area. If the issue is within the local area, please contact Scottish Power for an update. If the issue is specific to your property, please call our emergency electrician. Issues such as a broken socket, light switch or entry phone system can be reported via our online system and will be dealt with upon our office reopening.

Crown Electrical Solutions – 07555 703 491

If the lock to your property has broken and you are unable to gain entry or secure your property, please call our emergency locksmith. If you have lost your keys and are unable to make alternative arrangements until our office reopens, our emergency locksmith will be able to assist. Please note you will be held liable for the cost of the call out where keys have been lost.

Lockstar Lock and Key Company – 0131 258 0909 or 07900 225 039

If a window pane has broken or a window frame has become loose within it’s fittings, please contact one of our emergency joiners.

SMC Joinery – 07884 203 957

If the fire panel is continuously sounding within your property, please contact our emergency engineers.

Crown Electrical Solutions – 07555 703 491

If water is entering your property directly from the roof, please contact our emergency roofers who will attend to put in place a temporary fix to the issue until we are able to contact all relevant parties to arrange a full repair to take place. If you live in a factored development, please contact the factors to arrange for the emergency work to take place.

Aspect – 07711922256

Fire, Ambulance & Police

Crime/Vandalism – Police – 999

Fire – Lothian and Borders Fire Service – 999

Ambulance Services – 999

Noisy Neighbours – Police – 101


If the issue is not an emergency please report it through our maintenance reporting system: Report a Maintenance Problem.

At Cullen Property, we regularly deal with property and maintenance issues which can be resolved by the tenants. We have provided details on regular scenarios on our maintenance reporting system which can help you understand and fix any maintenance problems.

If the property maintenance issue cannot be self-resolved please fill out the online Maintenance Fault Report Form and we will try and resolve the property concern as soon as possible.