Edinburgh HMO Landlords

Edinburgh HMO Landlords


Are you one of the many HMO landlords in Edinburgh, or own a property with HMO potential? Let us help! HMO properties are our specialty, and we have a proven track record of responsibly letting out high-quality properties to professionals and students from all local Universities.

Managing an HMO property can be a handful at times and juggling the multiple responsibilities with day to day life and a career can be a struggle, but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

From letting to reletting between academic years, or background checking responsible tenants, it’s good to have a compliant letting agency on your side. Why not request free guidance and a Cullen Property expert will talk you through all the things you need to consider before becoming a HMO landlord and how our industry-leading services can make your life easier.

Edinburgh HMO Landlords

How Should You Prepare A HMO Property For Tenants?

Steve Coyle, Managing Director at Cullen Property, talks HMO landlords through the factors to consider when preparing a property for market. Take a look below!



HMO letting requires close attention to detail and acute awareness of several HMO requirements. Here are just a few things to consider before letting an HMO:

  • Tenant retention
  • Finding responsible tenants
  • PRT leases
  • Background checks
  • Room sizes
  • Certification
  • Carpeting
  • Locks
  • Window sizes
  • Fire equipment/detection
  • Doors  

What Safety & Regulatory Aspects Should Be Considered When Letting A HMO?

In the below video, Steve discusses all things safety and regulation that pertains to letting a HMO property in Edinburgh. Take a look below!


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Ruth Alcock

As a landlord I have found Cullen Property exceptional. I contacted Cullen as part of my research to expand into the Edinburgh BTL market. From the first telephone call (one hour!) with the managing Director, Steve Coyle, I felt this company would be the right one to look after my property.

An added bonus is that Cullen can source, view, and give feedback on potential BTL properties to purchase.

Once my property purchase was nearing completion I was allocated a dedicated Cullen team to manage it. So from Day 1, Gary picked up the keys from the solicitors and ensured the property would be prepared and readied for renting. Elaine marketed, vetted and placed tenants. Anne oversaw all account related business. I did nothing, except act on progress emails sent to me from the team.

To me, Cullen Property: –
-Have a lot of BTL knowhow and their pulse on the local market.
-Are original and innovative.
-Are a dedicated team, straightforward and easy going, who manage my property.
-Provide an all-inclusive hand-hold through the whole process.
-Get the job done.

I’ve now purchased a second property in Edinburgh. This property has been let as an HMO, which I’d normally avoid, but I’d experienced how Cullen works and I knew they managed a massive portfolio of HMO’s, so decided to give it a go. I’m glad I did.

Cullen’s costs are average for letting and managing HMO’s in Edinburgh, but it is their quality of service that is important. Cullen Property exceeded my expectations.

  • Ruth A
  • Landlord
In becoming a first time landlord I could not have been happier with the all-round service provided by Cullen Property

In becoming a first time landlord I could not have been happier with the all-round service provided by Cullen Property – both professional and personal. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

  • Alan M
  • Landlord
Made the property management and tenant finding process effortless

They really have made the property management and tenant finding process effortless.

  • Stephen Y
  • Landlord
Consistently professional, responsive and supportive

At every level, from initial documentation to a rare maintenance need, Cullens have been consistently professional, responsive and supportive

  • Steve N
  • Landlord
I would definitely recommend their services

In becoming a first time landlord, Cullen have delivered a seamless, timely and professional service throughout. I would definitely recommend their services.

  • Alice P
  • Landlord