Don’t lose out when you move out

Don’t lose out when you move out


business-17965 640Whether you’re moving into a new flat or moving out, it’s wise to take steps throughout your tenancy to ensure you don’t receive any deductions from your deposit.

Follow our tips below on how to get your deposit back:

  • Check the inventory: This was checked when you first moved in and will be checked again when you move out.  Any items on the inventory that are missing from the flat should be replaced. Also note that ‘wear and tear’ does not cover ‘damage’ or ‘missing’ or ‘broken’.
  • Leave the flat clean and tidy: Put yourself in the next tenants’ shoes – how would you like your new flat to look?  It should be returned to a ‘professionally cleaned’ standard but this can be done by you.
  • Read your lease: Did you know many leases state you must clean the carpets and outside of the windows before you leave? If your windows are too high to safely reach (which they probably will be in Edinburgh!) you might want to consider hiring a professional window cleaner.
  • Clean throughout the year: It goes without saying that leaving a year’s worth of cleaning until the end of your tenancy is not a good idea! Clean regularly, especially taking care to get rid of lime scale and grime build-up. In short, if someone can get more dirt off it, then it’s not ‘clean’ yet.  Elbow grease is hard, but free!
  • Broken appliance? Alert the letting agent to any issues or repairs that may be their responsibility – it’s what they’re there for after all!
  • Return all keys: How many keys were given to you at the start of the tenancy? If there is a group of you sharing the property, everyone will need to return their keys. If not then the locks will need to be changed and news sets of keys cut, all at your cost!
  • Claim your deposit back: Did you know you have to request your deposit back? All rental deposits in Scotland must now be held with a third party. SafeDeposits Scotland recently stated they have £400,000 of unclaimed tenant deposits – make sure yours isn’t one of them!

Above all, if you have any issues during your tenancy, whether it’s regarding rent, damage or repairs it’s always better to speak to your letting agent instead of leaving it until the end of your tenancy.


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