Check-out and Deposit Return

Before the end of your tenancy you will receive a letter/email asking if you would like to end your lease after the scheduled end date or if you would like to renew your tenancy for another term. This letter will be sent out roughly seven months before your tenancy end date.

If you do wish to carry on your Cullen Property tenancy, there may be a slight increase in rent based on current property figures. However, if you have decided you would like to end your lease after the scheduled date we will begin to remarket the property and carry out viewings with prospective new tenants. These visits will always occur with a Cullen Property representative and you will be informed in advance – your co-operation will be appreciated. If you have chosen No Key Access for your property, this does not apply to viewings as described in the lease.

When checking-out of the property, your Property Manager will meet with you to complete a final inspection. We would recommend being present for the check-out process to discuss any property condition queries the Property Manager may have. We expect the property to be of the same high standard it was when you moved in. Therefore, we recommend checking over the inventory and the cleanliness of the property, and making sure there are no damages or unreported maintenance issues.

As part of your ‘moving-in pack’ we have included details on how to receive your full deposit back. By following this guide, you should see the return of your whole deposit from Letting Protection Scotland and Safe Deposit Scotland. If there are issues with the check-out process, part of your deposit will be deducted. In this instance, you will receive an email/letter explaining the deposit deductions. We aim to organise the deposit return as soon as possible. If you wish to further discuss the deductions, please give us a call on 0131 221 1818.

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