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Don’t fear, pest control is here

Do you have a suspicion that someone might be stealing your food, seen little black droppings or heard the occasional squeak? Then, the chances are that you might have mice. Edinburgh is known for its stunning, historical tenement flats, and unfortunately, this also means that mice are extremely…

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Tips for the Edinburgh Fresher

Moving to a new city can always be a little daunting, but when you’re moving for university it’s important to enjoy yourself and get the most out of the experience. To help you do this, we have made a list of our top tips as to how to get the…

What's on - September / October 2016

With summer slowly drawing to an end, we’ve brought you our top suggestions for taking advantage of the last of the summer season activities. As always, there are plenty of fun events in Edinburgh over the next couple of months:

Doors Open Days

Fancy discovering some of Edinburgh’s most…

Experience the best of the Fringe on a Budget

One of the best parts of living in Edinburgh is without a doubt the Festival season. However, due to the popularity of the summer months many places hike their prices up, where both visitors and locals are forced to pay premium prices. So we have come up with…

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is underway and with the promise of some sun finally making an appearance, we thought we would make it that little bit easier for you to get out there and see the best shows that are both purse-friendly and memorable. We have rounded…

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What's on - July/August 2016

The city enters festival mode with a month of music, cultural performances, fashion and food, and there is something for everyone to indulge in and enjoy. Here are our favourite picks this month:

One for the Jazz fans

The Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival is back, with shows running until…

Moving into your first student flat?


Moving into your first shared flat this summer? Living in a shared flat can be a great experience whilst you are a student, especially in a fantastic, vibrant city such as Edinburgh.

After living in student accommodation, many of you will be excited to live with your friends. However,…

What's on - June/July 2016

Summer season is upon us and once again Edinburgh promises a good one! This year, there are plenty of purse-friendly and exciting events taking place, but here are a few of our favourites…                                  …

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Don’t lose out when you move out


Whether you’re moving into a new flat or moving out, it’s wise to take steps throughout your tenancy to ensure you don’t receive any deductions from your deposit.

Follow our tips below on how to get your deposit back:

Check the inventory: This was checked when you first moved…
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What's on - May/June 2016

Edinburgh’s festival season is fully underway and we’ve picked two of our favourites for this month. We’ve also included one of Edinburgh’s unique summer events which involves a silent disco, comedians and lots of animals!

Explore Hidden Door Festival

Clear your diaries for this one - Edinburgh’s Hidden…