Best Letting Agent In Edinburgh - How To Choose

Best Letting Agent In Edinburgh - How To Choose

Hello Readers and welcome back to the blog! In today’s piece, we are explaining how to choose the best Letting Agent in Edinburgh for you when letting out your property.

So, how do you choose the best Letting Agent in Edinburgh? It can feel daunting deciding between several different Agencies all promising different things and perhaps even managing the property yourself. If you are deciding between using an Edinburgh letting agency and self-managing, check out our FAQ section here which shows the benefits of choosing a letting agent to manage you property.

Let’s get stuck into the several questions you should ask when deciding who the best letting agent in Edinburgh is for you. The answers will hopefully reveal who the best Letting Agent in Edinburgh is for you!


Best Letting Agent In Edinburgh - How much do agencies charge?

How Much Do They Charge Compared To Competition?

Edinburgh letting agencies all charge differently. Generally, an Edinburgh Letting Agent will charge a percentage fee of rent each month, but many letting agencies in the city will charge ongoing and often 'hidden fees'. For example, some of our competitors charge marketing and reletting fees, but at Cullen Property everything is included with your agreed percentage management fee which is only deducted on receipt of rent. In short, if for some reason we can't find tenants for your property or receive rent on time we won't get paid either. Therefore, it is in our best interest to do right by landlords and residents, get things let and make our residents’ experience the best it can be so they stay!


Best Letting Agent In Edinburgh - Hidden Fees

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

At Cullen Property, there are no hidden fees whatsoever, which means you can move forward with confidence knowing that there is full transparency about what is being charged and when.

In fact, our no hidden fees ‘all-inclusive’ pricing goes one step further. When letting with Cullen Property, our fair management fee is deducted from rent when it received from residents, and before it is sent to your bank account from the client account. In short, what is sent to your account is 100% yours and leaves you with nothing to worry about!


Best Letting Agent In Edinburgh - Customer Service

What Is Their Approach To Customer Service?

Are they hands-on or hands-off? Are they easy to reach or rather distant? Do they check-in frequently or do they rarely get in touch? Most importantly, what are your preferences?

At Cullen Property, we believe that property management by its very nature, is hands-on. We seek to match that with our approach to customer service too! Our unique trio teams assigned to each client (an expert Contracts Manager, Property Manager and Client Accounts Manager) keep in regular contact with each other and indeed you, the landlord. We approach managing your property with the same care and attention to detail that we would if we were managing our own property.

So, in short, we can be as attentive as you want. We are fully flexible to your individual preferences, but rest assured that we are being hands-on with your property and acting in your best interest when providing fantastic service to your residents!


Going that extra mile in property management

Can They Explain How They Have Went Above And Beyond For Their Clients?

One of the best letting agencies in Edinburgh should have a variety of ‘success stories’ to hand when discussing their services with potential landlords.

At Cullen Property, we have many. In fact, over 98% of our landlords stated that they are happy with their levels of services received over the pandemic, would recommend us to other landlords and believe we offer fantastic value for money. To hear some of our success stories, simply contact us and we will give you many examples or read for yourself on our 200+ Google reviews here.


Best Letting Agent In Edinburgh - Forward Planning

Are They Forward Planners Or Just Reactive?

A big part of successful property management is about forward planning and best-practice when dealing with new and potential legislation and pre-empting changes in future letting best-practice.

At Cullen Property, we spend a lot of time being proactive when project managing our client’s properties with the same care and attention we would give to our own property. Our landlords like our proactive approach when making recommendations for property development as it means we can ensure that they receive market-leading rent in-line with the quality of their properties!

In short, a firefighting letting agent is not what you want, and it could even end you up in trouble as the legal owner of the property if anything goes wrong! The best approach to dealing with problems is by avoiding them altogether, so please make sure that whichever Edinburgh letting agent you choose believes so too.


Edinburgh Experts

Do They Have Specialist Local Knowledge?

Edinburgh’s letting market is like a unique micro-climate in comparison to other villages, town and cities around the UK. In fact, it’s so unique that we believe it requires specialist, local expert knowledge to operate within it well!

With over 30 years of industry experience within the City, our savvy team would consider themselves pretty clued up on the unique problems that properties and the owners can face. With 4 world-class Universities, Edinburgh has a very large, and growing, transient student population. As specialists in HMO, student letting, we would consider ourselves well-placed to deal with all different types of residents in all different types of properties in and around the Capital.


Google Reviews

Are Their Reviews Real And Praise Them For Good Service To Both Clients & Residents?

It’s important to note that volume of reviews is not always the best indicator of how good a letting agent is in Edinburgh. In fact, some letting agents even pay for fake reviews to give the illusion that they are one of the best!

At Cullen Property, our reviews are 100% authentic, and we are pretty proud of the fact we are one of the highest rated Letting Agents in Edinburgh despite not paying for fake reviews! We feel that the abundance of 5-star reviews that we receive from happy tenants and landlords who describe their positive experiences and often name their points of contact at Cullen Property proves our unique approach to providing high levels of personalised customer service and we encourage you to read them here.


ARLA Propertymark Badge

Are They A Register Letting Agent In Edinburgh?

With heightened regulatory requirements and an ever-changing letting legislation landscape, finding a letting agency which is registered through ARLA is extremely important. This is perhaps the most important question to ask when choosing the best letting agent in Edinburgh. If they can’t demonstrate a professional commitment to regulatory compliance, we would heavily suggest you consider a different option!


If the answer to all of these questions sounds good to you, you have found the best letting agent in Edinburgh for you! It’s important to note that there is no one size fits all Agency – some landlords have a different set of criteria than others when deciding who the best letting agent in Edinburgh is!

However, if you would like to enquire about our Edinburgh Letting Agency services, please feel free to click the ‘free rental valuation’ at the top of the screen to receive a free and instant rental appraisal of your property and we will be in contact, or contact us to discuss your unique needs as an Edinburgh landlord.

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