Applying for a property

As one of Edinburgh’s leading letting agents we want to make applying for a property and renting a flat with Cullen Property a simple and enjoyable experience.

Applying for a Cullen Property involves five simple steps. If you have any questions contact a member of the team by email or on 0131 221 1818.

STEP 1: Application for the property

This initial step involves completing an information sheet about yourself and paying a £100 per tenant which will later form part of your security deposit.

Based on the information provided we will take references at this stage. During this time, we no longer actively market the property. Should the letting not go ahead, the £100 will be fully refunded to you.

If you are a student, we will ask you to provide details of a UK-based guarantor. If you do not have a UK-based guarantor you will be asked to pay 6 months rent up-front. Please be aware that paying the initial £100 does not mean you will automatically be moving in as we do require references. The £100 can be paid by cash or debit card.

*Monies paid by cash or cheque (must allow at least 10 working days for clearance.)

STEP 2: Application forms

Each prospective tenant needs to complete the following forms to enable us to take up references:

  1. ‘Personal Details Form’ (name, current address, work/university details, bank details etc.)
  2. ‘Direct Debit Mandate’ (all rent must be paid monthly in advance by this method only, with the exclusion of the first month – see Step 5).

We ask that all tenants named on the lease set up their own direct debit mandate for their share of the rent. Both forms, completed in full for each named tenant, must be returned to us within three working days. Failing that, the property will be remarketed.

STEP 3: Reference checks and lease

Once we have received your completed forms, we will carry out credit and reference checks, and your application is then either approved or denied.

Assuming your references are sufficient we will prepare your lease with the names and dates corresponding to the information you provided. Our team will let you know when the lease is ready to sign.

Once the lease is ready, you need to come to our office to sign it and pay the full deposit. At this time, we also need photographic ID such as a passport if you are a foreign national and a matriculation card or driving licence if you are a UK resident. The deposit must be split equally between the number of tenants at the property as tenants are joint and severally liable for the upkeep of the property.

The property will be re-marketed if the lease has not been signed within two weeks of you being notified that the lease is ready, or if the deposit remains unpaid within one month of the start date of the lease. Deposits can be paid by cash, debit card or cheque.

*Monies paid by cash or cheque (must allow at least 10 working days for clearance.)

STEP 4: Rent

Rent is due in advance in all cases.

If your lease starts between the 1st and the 14th of the month you will need to pay from your lease start date up to the end of the month by cash, debit card or cheque.

If your lease starts between the 15th and the end of the month you will need to pay the remainder of that month and the whole of the next month as well. This is due to the delays that some banks have in setting up direct debits.

The direct debit mandate will be set up to pay for whole calendar months and will come out of your (or your guarantor’s) bank account on the last bank working day of each month. The rent is due on the last working day of the month, one month in advance i.e. April’s rent would come out of the account on the last working day of March.

*Monies paid by cash or cheque (must allow at least 10 working days for clearance.)

STEP 5: Moving in

PLEASE NOTE: all documentation, deposit and rental payments as well as lease signings must be fully completed by all tenants prior to any keys being released for the property.

We will contact you to arrange a check-in time for the day that you move into the property once all payments and documentation have been received. You will be met at the property by a Cullen Property representative who will carry out the check-in procedure with you.

Our representative will go over the inventory with you, record the condition of the property, and show you how everything works. You will also be required to sign for the sets of keys given to you. The Cullen Property representative will also take meter readings and we will arrange for utilities (gas and electricity) and council tax to be transferred into your name(s).

Extra Information

Lease documents

As of December 1st 2017 all new leases signed will be a Private Residential Tenancy (PRT.)

The Private Residential Tenancy means that your tenancy will be a no-fixed term contract, giving you the freedom to choose when you want to move out of the property. At any point during your tenancy, once you have moved into the property, you can serve the landlord or letting agent with a ‘Notice to Leave’ at least 28 days before you wish to move out.

More details regarding the tenant’s interest can be found at

Whilst the decision to leave a property is mainly in the tenant’s hands’, there are 18 grounds on which the landlord can serve the tenant with a ‘Notice to Leave.’

If you wish to know more about Scotland’s Private Residential Tenancy you can find all information on The Scottish Governments website.

Repairs and emergencies

At Cullen Property we have a dedicated in-house maintenance team to take care of any problems you may have with your property. If something is wrong in your property, please phone us on 0131 221 1818 or complete a maintenance request which will automatically be emailed to us.

For out-of-hours emergencies, please click here for a list of emergency contractors as well as other helpful numbers.

Whilst our team takes great care to explain appliances to you during check-in and supply instruction manuals for all appliances, click here if you need to look up something specific.

Please be aware that repairs which are not the result of wear and tear have to be paid for by the tenant. If a repair is the landlord’s responsibility the invoice will be sent directly to Cullen Property.

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